Dr McReynolds is an unbelievable healer. Not only does she know the human body and how to heal it but her kind and loving presence heals and nourishes the soul. To boot, she solved my TMJ issue in a short time even after my dentist told me "to live with it". She also solved other alignment issues in my body tohelp eliminatepain and discomfort.She's a true find.
Austin, TX

Chronic Pain

"I thought I would be in pain the rest of my life until I went to Dr. McReynolds. She has helped me more than I can say."

Small Business Owner
Andice, TX

Healing the Mind, Body, and Spirit
"Dr. Tamara McReynolds is a gift for us all. She has the knowledge, keen intellect and patience of an outstandingwestern medical doctor combined with the wisdom, grace and divine guidance of a true healer. She can remove chronic pain through osteopathic and cranial treatments as well as help one work through intense spiritual issues. She has made a significant difference in the quality of my life."

Yoga teacher,
Austin, TX

Migraines Finally Gone

I first came to see Dr. McReynolds in June 2010 for potential treatment of my monthly migraines. She had been highly recommended by my mom, also a patient of Dr. McReynolds. I was skeptical. After all, what works for one doesn’t always work for another. But after having been from my primary doctor, to the neuro doctor, to my gyn doctor, to the chiropractor, to the naturopathic guru who said I needed hydrochloric acid and my life would turn around, I figured one more medical advisee couldn’t hurt.

My migraines were debilitating. They usually lasted 3 days, well 5 if you count the 2 day migraine “hangover”. I did not have a week to give to this ailment. I was too busy being an active mom of 3 very active children, a wife, and a leader within my community. However, my headaches were becoming more severe and had even landed me in Urgent Care one week-end due to the uncontrollable pain. And even though Demerol worked wonders in alleviating that pain momentarily, I knew the headaches would be back. It was time for a change.

I made the appointment with Dr. McReyolds. Her office was different. A home on a regular street in a regular town in regular USA. Her office space with soothing. I felt, well, at home at this doctor’s office. The doctor herself came to get me with a sporting a warm smile. I was beginning to think that maybe this doctor was different. I might actually get help for the cause of my migraines and not just pills and a back adjustment to relieve the symptoms. After a series of non-invasive tests, a comprehensive in depth visit, and an osteopathic treatment, I was sent on my way with instructions and a “prescription.” It was my choice to choose to follow it or not. My assignment was one of the easiest and yet most difficult. Easy because it simply involved diet changes. Difficult because of the very same thing! Yeah, detoxifiying my gallbladder was really the way to go. Supplementing my body with B vitamins would cure my dis-ease. Yeah right. I had tried everything else though so what did I have to lose by eating better and smarter for a few weeks? And so I took the first step that would ultimately change my views forever.

Life is about choices. Sometimes those choices can make or break us. As challenging as changing my diet seemed, I decided to just do it. I could always choose to stop at any time.

It has been 3 months since my first visit with Dr. McReynolds. I have not had a migraine in that long as well. I am eating healthier foods and feeling better all the way around. I am amazed that the regimen she recommended actually worked! I am even more amazed that I was able to help my body feel better.

Am I still a skeptic? Well, some things don’t change. However, Dr. McReynolds is not part of that skepticism. I highly recommend her to anyone and in fact, already have. She give you the tools and shows you the way. You must choose to walk the road and take the journey. For me that first step has made all the difference.

Kristi, 30 something patient in Round Rock, TX

Opening the Heart
"My work with Dr. McReynolds has made me aware of the incredible weight that my heart has been carrying around for many, many years. After every healing with Dr. McReynolds, my heart feels a little bit lighter and I can feel that the possibility of living without suffering is real. During the healing itself I always experience a great opening to spiritual guidance and often feel as if I am being bathed in divine love. This experience continues even after my session, and I have noticed that the energy I am bringing in through this healing work is taking root in many different areas of my life. Although I have just begun this work, the depth of the experience I have had in such a short period of time validates, for me, the importance of engaging in it. I just know intuitively that this work will help me grow into my true potential as a human being."

Graduate Student
Austin, TX

Infant Reflux
"My son was born December 22, 2005 via C-section. Shortly thereafter, he experienced multiple episodes of spitting up and crying during every meal. He was diagnosed with reflux, and placed on Zantac. We then took him to see Dr. McReynolds, who performed an osteopathic treatment on him for reflux. That night, he slept very well. The following day he stopped spitting up, and we stopped his Zantac without any further episodes."

Medical Doctor
Harker Heights, Texas

Breast Cyst Gone After 10 Years

I had a cyst in my left breast for about 10 years. Over the years it would change in size and was very painful at times. I had it drained when it was first discovered, but it never completely went away until now. Recently, the cyst was the size of a golf ball. I was in so much pain that it took my breath away. I really wanted it to go away for good and I wanted to get rid of the cause rather than the symptom. Dr. Tamara McReynolds offered me that option. Through the use of herbal mud packs, detoxifying soaks, supplements, osteopathic treatments and prayer she was able to stimulate my body to eliminate toxins, increase energy flow and heal. Not only is my cyst completely gone, many of the little aches and pains are gone too and I have more energy. Dr. McReynolds is very thorough and I’ve never felt more cared for, than when she treated me. Ifeel consistently better now than I have in a long time. Thank you Dr. McReynolds!

Georgetown, TX

Bursitis and Hip Pain

"Dr. Tamara McReynolds gave me an osteopathic manipulation treatment and healing session a year ago. I had slight bursitis in my hip and a bone spur in my ankle that were always causing me a gnawing pain. After the one treatment the pain was gone, I know this sounds to good to be true, but it is. After a year the hip has never bothered me since, and the ankle was pain free for at least 9 months. If you have any questions about this, I would be happy to contact you through Dr. McReynolds to tell you more about her successful session with me. Thanks!"

Small Business Owner
Boulder, Colorado

Life Blues Fade Away With Phone Healing
I was having a hard time, life in general was getting me down. I asked Dr. McReynolds if she would give me a healing by phone. I suppose I went into this thinking this would make me feel better. What I experienced is hard to describe in words. I was enlightened, loved, sheltered and felt a sense of security a peace of mind if you will. The thing is, for days after and even now the healing continues. I myself, an emergency medicine physician have a difficult time understanding. I suppose it is not important to understand but rather just allow the healing to heal. From the heart !

Emergency Medicine Physician
Marquette, Michigan

Neck and Back Pain
I began seeing Dr. McReynolds in April of 2005. At that time my neck and back were a column of pain. I could not turn my head more than 15 degrees. My knees and hips were also painful enough that going up stairs was a major challenge. After about 3 months of osteopathic treatment, the pain and mobility were much improved but not gone. During a visit in August 2005, Dr. McReynolds unexpectedly suggested that we do a “healing”. I had no idea what that meant, but was willing to try it. This was a life turning experience for me. I am now enrolled as a student in the healing school and have started on a spiritual and emotional path that I never imagined existed. And yes, the pain is just about gone.

Georgetown, Texas

Changed My World with Raw-Vegan Diet & Supplements

A big thank you for helping me when I was in Texas this past February. You can not imagine the impact you have made on my wellness journey. The Max Stress B, MSM, and now my 85% raw-vegan diet have changed my world! Ever grateful for your healing and caring ways. I look forward to our next visit when I’m in Texas.

Arlington, Virginia

Migraines Resolved and Health Restored

My daughter was born two months premature, had horrible colic, walked in her sleep, had feelings of helplessness, and eventually migraine headaches. Dr. McReynolds has restored her sweet disposition, confidence,and health with Osteopathic manipulation and nutritional healing. Actually, the entire family has greatly benefitted from the nutritionalhealings we have been guided through. She is intuitive and thorough. Without her intervention and care, my 15yr. old daughter would be missing activities and feeling inadequate. I am so glad that she does not have to worry if today will be a headache day and no longer see her pulling her hair saying, "I just can't do it!"

Full Time Mom
San Antonio, Texas

Irritable 11 month old with Poor Sleep and Reflux

Dr. McReynolds has been a a tremendous help to my baby girl who suffered terrible reflux her first year of life. When we began treatment with Dr. McReynolds (at 11 months though I wish we'd come sooner) my daughter was unable to let anyone but me get close to her, she seemed frazzled and irritable all the time, and she was not sleeping well. After just a few sessions my daughter was clearly feeling better, was more calm and happy, and has begun to sleep better too! Plus my daughter has been won over by the gentle way Dr. McReynolds treated her and allows Dr. McReynolds not only to come near her but to gently touch her. This was previously impossible for other doctors we've been to. This is a remarkable change and we are so grateful we found this healing treatment. I recommend her highly.

Yoga Teacher
Austin, TX

Autistic 2 year old gets “A+” on improvement

I was referred to Dr McReynolds office by a friend as her son received osteopathy treatment here and benefited a lot because of the treatment . After our first appointment when we went home my son , for the very first time looked into my eyes and said that he wanted to go to potty. I have been trying to potty train him since 6 month but he never said it so clearly but just after the treatment he initiated it and it was GREAT . We all were so happy and I can clearly attribute it to Dr McReynolds therapy. Although he is not potty trained yet but he is little more responsive than before and he had only 2 accidents in the past week, which in my book is A+.

Apart from this we saw instant change in his sleeping pattern , for first 3 nights after the session he slept through the night without waking up( he usually wakes up once or twice in night).

He had no meltdowns in the past week , behavior is better. Much more alert than before. My husband and mother-in-law noticed improvement in eye contact. My son is on homeopathy since past 11 months which has helped him a lot but since past 1 month we hit a roadblock and after our first session I felt that we are again on the go. I am looking forward for my sessions. Just a personal note , from day one I have a very strong feeling that osteopathy is going to work for my son and it will be the key for many unresolved issues .


Full Time Mom
Austin, TX

Resolution of stomach pain, constipation, anxiety, and high cholesterol

I chose to see Dr. McReynolds because of several health concerns following an angioplasty with stent. She was able to resolve multiple issues that I had: back pain, stomach pain, constipation, anxiety, overweight, high cholesterol. She has guided me towards living a much healthier lifestyle. I am grateful for her expert knowledge and healing ability.

Director of Operations
Georgetown, TX

5 Year old escapes sinus surgery (phone consultation)

My 5 year old son, DL, was diagnosed with an impacted sinus. For 3 months straight, he had a chronic cough and was diagnosed with an impacted sinus. He was placed on serveral different medications to include claritin, zyrtec, benadryl, ataraz, flonase, flovent (nasally), and three rounds of antibiotics. The sinus still didn’t clear. We also had allergy testing and saw the allergist. We were told DL did not have asthma and had no allergies to food or outside agents. We also saw an ENT specialist. He has said the only solution at this point was balloon sinuplasty to open up the sinus and then they would drain it. I was horrified at the thought of my son undergoing general anesthesia and having surgery. I had heard of Dr. McReynolds and decided to give her a call. We did a phone consultation where she reviewed DL’s history and asked several questions. She then made recommendations to include some simple nutritional changes and a few supplements. I felt soooooo relieved after just talking with Dr. McReynolds. She was so nice and encouraging--I felt like there was an option to surgery. After just 2 weeks all his symptoms completely resolved. I can’t thank Dr. McReynolds enough.

PhD, Psychology/Mom

Rotator Cuff Tear Resolves without Surgery

After experiencing severe pain in my right shoulder for a few weeks, I finally went to my allopathic doctor for help. He said he thought I had a rotator cuff tear (which an MRI confirmed) and recommended surgery to correct this. I preferred a non-surgical solution, and went to see Dr. Tamara McReynolds—hoping for the best. In our first visit she tested my shoulder and assured me I did not require surgery. This was a huge relief, and her treatments were very effective from the onset. In only a few sessions my shoulder was dramatically improved and continues to get better each day.

Dr. Tamara McReynolds is a skilled and knowledgeable physician. More impressive to me than her expertise and treatments, however, was her attitude and commitment to seeing the overall picture of my situation and treating the whole person—not just a symptom or a part. She genuinely cared about my wellness, and worked in partnership with me to bring this about. She is very pleasant to be around, and is without a doubt the best health care provider I have ever worked with. Thank you, Dr. McReynolds!

JB, Professional Juggler
Austin, TX

Feels like a new person after years of back, hip and shoulder pain.

It will be difficult to find the words in my vocabulary to describe the difference that Dr. McReynolds has made in my life. Through her gentle treatments, I have regained mobility, range of motion and remarkable ease of pain that I have suffered for years. I could say that her therapy has "released" the inflammation in my back and hips and shoulders that have kept me from doing many of the things I love to do in life. While this is a gradual process, I feel like a new person - completely!

Thank you Dr. McReynolds!!

Temple, Texas

Doctor gets sinus relief.

I was suffering from a prolonged viral upper respiratory illness which was creating sinus congestion and pain, as well as trouble breathing thru my nose which led to sleep disturbances. I was using all of the standard treatments (decongestants, afrin, humidified warm air, etc) but nothing was working. Dr. McReynolds provided a single cranial (head) and lymphatic osteopathic treatment and my sinuses started to drain, my face pain was significantly lessened and I was able to breathe through my nose again. The osteopathic treatment was the best option, worked the best and had no side effects. I highly recommend osteopathic manipulation and Dr. McReynolds.

Emergency Medicine Physician
Harker Heights, TX

Tamara McReynolds 2012