".docx" Allows you to type your health summary on your computer.

".pdf"Print and complete your health summary by hand.

New Patient Instructions
For Adults, complete these forms
Adult Health Summary
Office Policy & Consent & HIPPA

For Children, complete these forms:
Pediatric Health Summary
Office Policy & Consent & HIPPA

FAX your completed formsandany lab results, x-rays/CT/MRI, medical records to 512 948-7305. You may also e-mail to, but please understand that any e-mail you send is not secure.

Appointments will be scheduled once all forms have been received.

If you are unable to fax, you may mail your forms.

For your appointment:
Wear light-weight loose fitting comfortable clothing such as yoga or stretchy exercise garb, thin sweats, or tee shirts; no denim jeans or corduroys. After reviewing your medical history, Dr. McReynolds will perform a general medical exam and then an Osteopathic structural exam and treatment. An initial appointment is 75-90 minutes. Follow-up visits are 50-75 minutes.

Cancellation Policy:
We request 24 hour notice (1 business day) for cancellations, otherwise the usual fee will be charged. Cancellations must be done by phone. Any appointments scheduled for a Monday, must be cancelled by the previous Friday.

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