Cleansing & Detoxification

Why do we need to cleanse?
We change the oil in our cars. We clean our homes. Every day we brush our teeth, and wash our hair and bodies. Yet, in our culture, little importance has been given to regular cleansing of our insides.

Every day we are exposed to toxins in the air we breath and the water we drink. Our household cleaning and personal products are filled with contaminants. The foods we eat are laced with pesticides, preservatives and chemicals. Now, more than ever we need to cleanse to help prevent disease and obtain optimal health.

Toxins are having an adverse affect on our bodies. Scientists have linked these toxins to illness and diseases including:
-Autoimmune disease
-Neurological disease
-Cardiovascular disease
-Lung disease
-Weakened immune system

What methods does Dr. McReynolds recommend to cleanse and detoxify?
Cleansing and detoxification programs are determined by individual’s needs and goals. Some methods include:

1) Isagenix
Isagenix is a high quality, all natural line of products designed for cleansing and rejuvenation. This synergistically designed program cleanses the vital organs of the body without being invasive or depleting. The system consists of an aloe-vitamin-mineral cleansing drink, a whey based protein shake, adaptogenic herbs, snacks and a thermogenic capsule. The aloe-herbal drinks comes as a concentrate and contains herbs that keep blood sugar stable and increase energy without over stimulating. The herbs are also tonics for the blood, liver, and kidneys that assist in the clearance of toxins from the body and the breakdown of fats. The whey protein shake is great tasting with enzymes and acidophilus that enhances digestion. Snacks to curb hunger, and keep blood sugar stable.

The 30 day cleansing program is a comprehensive, yet easy to follow program designed support your body's innate healing and regenerative properties while cleansing.

For more information on Isagenix, please call the office 512-863-4722 or click here.

2) Natural Cellular Defense
Natural Cellular Defense (NCD) is a naturally occurring mineral called zeolite, formed from the fusion of lava and ocean water. It comes in a liquid form and is virtuously tasteless, odorless, and is easily consumed with water.

ZEOLITES in NCD have a unique, negatively charged crystalline-like structure. These negatively charged minerals act as magnets, which draw out heavy metals and toxins (such as pesticides, herbicides, and other cancer-causing chemicals), capturing them in it’s cage and then remove them from the body.

This is a very simple way to alkalinize the body and remove heavy metals and toxins. For maximum benefit, Dr. McReynolds recommends combining NCD with juice fasting.

For more information on NCD, call the office 512-863-4722 or click here.

3) Juice Fasting
Juice fasting is a form of fasting in which organic juice supplies live enzymes and micronutrients that further aid the cleansing process. Juices are high in minerals, vitamins and enzymes, which help to rejuvenate the body. Many people ask, “Why should I eliminate the fiber in fruits and vegetable and just drink juice?” Juice is assimilated directly into the body with minimal stimulation of digestive enzymes. By allowing the bowel to rest, energy can be used to detoxify the body. The alkalinizing properties of many juices help to neutralize acidic conditions and assist toxin release. For best results, use with NCD (see above).

Tamara McReynolds 2012