During pregnancy, there are enormous physical, chemical and emotional changes that occur. The body has to get used to carrying up to 20lbs which can impose physical strain to the organs, fascial tissues, ligaments, and joints in the body.

Ease Symptoms Associated With Pregnancy:

Back pain
Groin, lower abdominal pain, or pubic pain
Leg Swelling

Preparation for Labor & Delivery:

Improve flexibility of the pelvis for a more trouble free delivery
• Advice on breathing techniques, stretches and exercises

Post Delivery:

•Post-partum back pain
•Check and correct any remaining strains in the back and pelvis
•Help regain strength and flexibility

Birth puts tremendous strain on your baby's head and body. An osteopathic treatment is highly recommended to help prevent long lasting effects from birth stress. Learn more about how osteopathy can help infants and children in our Pediatric section.

Free newborn osteopathic check-up (for mom's that are established patients)

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